Valentine’s Day And Another 5 Star Review!

Hello, sweethearts,

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s day. This is the first year I’ve celebrated that holiday in my life. But I won’t bore you with the details.

A few days ago, I received a 5/5 star review of my book ‘Becoming The Man’! I have the lovely Aimee Ann to thank for it! If you’re interested in checking out her wonderful blog, you need only click here. Below, you can read her entire review of the sequel to my series ‘The Faceless Man’. If you’d rather read it on her blog, please click here.

A few months ago I reviewed an excellent, steamy romance titled The Faceless Man which is written by a new and upcoming author named Claire D. Bennett and I fell in love. Bennett’s story was incredible and had me turning the pages like a mad woman! When I frantically turn the pages, desperate for more… more exceptional writing, more outstanding story and more of the characters I had grown to love, I know that the book is phenomenal and one that I will always remember. Ever since putting down The Faceless Man I have longed for more so you can imagine my delight when Becoming The Man, book two in the series was released earlier than expected! I was frantic to get my hands on this sequel and when I did, I devoured it within a few days. Already I would suggest that if you love erotica and stories that will keep you on edge then Becoming the Man and The Faceless Man are two books that should not be missed! It would be a crime not to read them.

Before I discuss the plot of Becoming the Man, I first want to share what the first book is about and I will do this by copying and pasting the short synopsis of mine from my review of The Faceless Man.

“The Faceless Man is an erotic novel with a twist because it has a significant suspense aspect thanks to the male protagonist – Leonardo William Brandon – being an undercover MI6 Agent. Leonardo never believed that love existed and that it was a fairy tale, however Keira Harding, the female protagonist in this fantastic novel soon changes these thoughts of his when they embark on a passionate love affair. The premise of the story is just this, but because this book is so juicy in nature, I do not want to spoil it for you lovely readers. So please read this book to find out more!”

This is what The Faceless Man is about and Becoming the Man is a continuation of this engrossing story. Leonardo William Brandon is an undercover agent, and he is hiding this from his love and female protagonist of the story, Keira Harding. The story revolves around the secret that Leonardo is keeping from Keira. Will she discover who he truly is? Will Leonardo finally confess? Read this stunning book to find out!

The story of Becoming the Man is one I deeply loved. I have grown to love the pairing of Leonardo and Keira and adore their passionate love affair! The passion between these two is sensational and very hot and had me turning the pages feverishly thanks to their phenomenal characterization which is rich in descriptions which is of course thanks to the exceptional author, Claire D. Bennett.

Claire D. Bennett has a real talent for writing extraordinary erotica/suspense stories; she has proved this with The Faceless Man and now Becoming the Man. The tension and pent-up suspense she manages to weave throughout her literature is phenomenal and ensured that I was always kept on edge as well as guessing.

As the story of Becoming the Man is a truly stunning, engrossing piece of erotica I have no choice but to award this remarkable book a magnificent Five Stars! So please, if you are a reader who loves erotica as well as romantic suspense then Becoming the Man and The Faceless Man is not to be missed, so what are you waiting for? Read these incredible books!

As you can understand, I am over the moon! So if you still haven’t gotten your hands on ‘Becoming The Man’, here’s a preview!

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