Three New Book Ideas

It just so happens that when I’m not studying, training Krav Maga, or writing ‘The Faceless Man’, I sometimes conjure new ideas. Incredible, right? Since I started the third chapter of Leo and Keira’s story, I have come up with three of them (I’m mildly excited, as you can see below).

I’m thinking I’ll make two of them into stand-alone novels, rather than a new book series. Shock: they’ll all be falling under the genre of contemporary romance, with loads of steam. Writing erotica is something that has always inspired me, and I have no idea why. My personality isn’t preoccupied with sex, but when I write, it just falls very naturally to me to include steam. Odd? I think so, but I do it nevertheless.

Anyway, this is going to be a challenge for me, so I’m not making any promises. I’m the type of author that never manages to end a work of writing with just one book. I just can’t resist diving deeper into the dynamics of the characters that I create. Exploring their depth is such a joyful ride for me as an author. A stand-alone novel is going to be an entirely new experience for me as an author. But I’m willing to make an attempt.


Skin Of The Night

If you’ve read my series ‘The Faceless Man’, you may have noticed that the heroine (Keira Harding) of the story is rather inexperienced whatever regards the concept of love and sexuality. I’m interested in changing that this time around. Enter protagonist Cara (I have yet to settle upon a suitable surname), who studies law in England. To explain the latter, I tend to include paths of education that I’m personally familiar with, so to make my characters more realistic. Cara is 23 years old and in her last year of acquiring a master’s degree when she encounters the male protagonist William Night (28), who is a practicing lawyer already (28 is my favourite age for male characters. It’s a compulsive thing). Cara is a strong-minded and independent woman on the liberal end of the spectrum whatever regards sex. Writing about her sexual endeavors is going to be very refreshing, and challenging.

William Night is going to make your head spin! You’re going to want to strangle him and undress him at the same time (hopefully). In contrast to how stable and patient that Leonardo Brandon is, William is commanding, a total dickhead sometimes, and the very definition of a workaholic. I want him to be a womanizer of sorts, but in the casual sense. But make no mistake – he’s no player. He’s merely detached from the concept of love, which will make him all the more complimentary to Cara’s character.

I’m still in the process of plotting down the details surrounding their story, but thus far, you have much to look forward to! I will be posting their story to Wattpad as I write it, before self-publishing the edited version to Amazon.


The Crescent

As mentioned above, 28 is my magic number whatever regards male protagonists in my stories. Caleb Crawford (28) is an architect and the heir of the company Crawford Real Estate, which his parents Violet and Andrew started together before Caleb was born. He is based in London, England. Ambitious and intensely introverted, Caleb is going to be a joy to write about. He is as cryptic as he is handsome.

The female protagonist, Ivy Beaumont (not Scottish), is 25 years old and works alongside her father at one of Edinburgh’s most esteemed luxury hotels The Crescent, where her father, Francis Beaumont, is the hotel manager. She has a master’s degree in business and has recently been hired as his assistant manager. Ivy is an immensely warm and positive woman, as well as outgoing.

After Caleb is delegated the task of overseeing the development of one of Crawford Real Estate’s properties in Edinburgh, he becomes a regular guest at The Crescent where Ivy works. What starts as a professional relationship soon transitions into something scorching and irreversible.


Beneath The Flesh

This is going to be my most controversial piece, and is certain to ruffle some feathers. Frankly, some of you may be disappointed with it. It’s not for the faint-hearted, and not a story that I typically write. While I prefer writing about healthy couples, I’ve recently been intrigued by the idea of writing about a couple that is not. The sad truth is that a lot of people do find themselves in toxic relationships, and so I thought it worth exploring.

But unlike most romance novels that include an unhealthy couple, the male protagonist won’t be the cause of concern in this story. On the contrary, it will be the female protagonist, Vera Dawson (24). She meets the captivating Alexander Winton who seems to be the perfect man, if only it weren’t for her severe commitment-issues. Vera will suffer from traits that may resemble that of a nymphomaniac, while she and Alex struggle to exorcise her demons.

Because of the psychological dimensions to this story, I might make it into another series. Making it into a stand-alone will be too much of a challenge, I think.

Anyway, if a couple could be more opposite to Keira and Leo, Vera and Alexander will be it. I can hardly wait!

For those of you who worry that this will impact my writing schedule for ‘The Faceless Man’ series, do not despair. It won’t.

I can’t wait to get started on these three ideas! But I still need to see a finish to my series ‘The Faceless Man’.

That’s all for now, guys. Stay tuned for more updates! 🙂

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