Sequel Completed!


Today, I come bearing a few news! Firstly, I woke up this morning to discover that an astounding 1,296 people entered the giveaway challenge for a chance to win a signed copy of my book 'The Faceless Man' on Goodreads! I am beyond humbled. For a rookie author like myself, I found the number to be staggering. I am so grateful for the interest people have shown in my work. If you happen to be one of them - thank you! For privacy reasons, I've decided against naming the 10 winners.

If you're not one of the lucky winners, don't despair. I will undoubtedly create another giveaway soon. If you don't want to sit around and wait, you can buy your very own copy by clicking here.

For the headline of today's news, the sequel to 'The Faceless Man' is now finished! It will be titled 'Becoming The Man', and I expect to see it published by the end of January, 2018! It's currently being edited, but when I wrote the last word of the book, I had reached 135,109 words! So it's approximately of the same length as the first book of the series.

However, I shall warn you. Prepare for an emotional roller coaster this time around. If you liked the first book, you're going to love 'Becoming The Man'! It's been a wonderful journey to write the sequel of Leonardo and Keira's story. My inspiration has been ceaseless, and I can hardly wait to start the third chapter of their romance.

After I publish the sequel, I expect to host a giveaway of it on Goodreads very soon! Stay tuned for more updates!

I hope you're all doing well 😀

Until next time,

Claire x

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