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Where to begin? I gather I should just get straight to it. Behold the cover of my latest novel in progress, Skin Of The Night. Interested in reading the unedited version as I go? Check it out on wattpad, for free!

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Now, I’ve mentioned this book before in another blogpost of mine. To jog your memory, I once wrote the following:

If you’ve read my series ‘The Faceless Man’, you may have noticed that the heroine (Keira Harding) of the story is rather inexperienced whatever regards the concept of love and sexuality. I’m interested in changing that this time around. Enter protagonist Cara (I have yet to settle upon a suitable surname), who studies law in England. To explain the latter, I tend to include paths of education that I’m personally familiar with, so to make my characters more realistic. Cara is 23 years old and in her last year of acquiring a master’s degree when she encounters the male protagonist William Night (28), who is a practicing lawyer already (28 is my favourite age for male characters. It’s a compulsive thing). Cara is a strong-minded and independent woman on the liberal end of the spectrum whatever regards sex. Writing about her sexual endeavors is going to be very refreshing, and challenging.

William Night is going to make your head spin! You’re going to want to strangle him and undress him at the same time (hopefully). In contrast to how stable and patient that Leonardo Brandon is, William is commanding, a total dickhead sometimes, and the very definition of a workaholic. I want him to be a womanizer of sorts, but in the casual sense. But make no mistake – he’s no player. He’s merely detached from the concept of love, which will make him all the more complimentary to Cara’s character.

I’m still in the process of plotting down the details surrounding their story, but thus far, you have much to look forward to! I will be posting their story to Wattpad as I write it, before self-publishing the edited version to Amazon.

Now, thought has become action. And I am reeling with inspiration. My fingers are unstoppable. William is such a refreshing man to write about. Seemingly simple-minded at a first glance, he is anything but that. I can hardly wait to delve deeper into his skin of the night.

If you’re interested in reading the erotic novel, don’t hesitate to check it out. I guarantee you won’t regret it. Still on the fence? Allow the blurb to sway your mind.

WARNING: The following is rated R. Adults only.

Cara knows three things. His first name, his age, and what he does for a living. William, 28, solicitor; corporate kind.

Twenty-three years old, Cara Jane Darby is a liberal spirit in her third year studying the law in London, England. With her focus fixed on her ambition, she is incapable of committed romantic companionship. She simply doesn’t have the time for it. But like most women, Cara is still a sexual creature. She has needs. To satisfy them, she’s a keen subscriber of one-night-stands or no-strings-attached arrangements.

When she encounters her latest means-to-an-end, Cara suspects him of being the most domineering, arrogant and insolent bastard she has ever suffered the misfortune of meeting. But despite the fact that William might be the biggest arsehole she’s ever met, he also happens to be the sexiest. Truthfully, he resembles erotica in the flesh.

Vulgar and blunt, William seems to get his way whenever he wants. So when he decides that he wants Cara, will she mount her defence or submit to his desire?


“I’m going to take you now,” he warned. His minty breath spread across my face and breezed my trembling, kiss-swollen lips. “And I assure you, love; you’ll be feeling me for a week.” A sensual smirk climbed to his delectable mouth before he claimed mine. Untamed and powerful, he dominated my lips with his own pair.

I could hardly breathe. Within me, my heart threatened to burst with suspense. I had never met a more irritating, challenging, and seductive man in my entire life. Against him, I was powerless. And he was about to claim me as his own for the night. How I wanted him. Now.

Caged beneath his strong, naked body, I marveled in my circumstance. How had I gotten here, again?

If that isn’t enough to convince you, their chemistry is off the charts! Just four thousand words in, give or take, and things are getting seriously steamy. I advise you to read it next to an AC, or a fan.

I am having such a blast writing about this pair! Alpha vs. alpha, will anybody cave in, or will they ensure each other’s MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction)?

For those of you wondering how my work with The Faceless Man series is going, don’t fret. I’ve got it covered.


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