Becoming The Man; Another Snippet!

To start off, I hope that you’ve had a wonderful Christmas! 😀 I’m sure you’re limbering up for New Year’s celebrations around the corner.

Above, you’ll find the tentative cover of the sequel to ‘The Faceless Man’. Any thoughts? I’m still a little uncertain, but a requirement is that the cover is of the same style as the cover for ‘The Faceless Man’.

I am now 82,278 thousand words into the sequel. I’m predicting that it will finish at around 140,000 words. That means I’m more than halfway through, though I still have 60,000 words to type. I’ve been writing like a lunatic on cocaine this holiday, and it’s been a blast (just to be clear, I don’t do coke). I am now reaching the most suspenseful part of the new book, and I can hardly wait to start it. Personally, I think the sequel surpasses the first, which I suppose is good news. My fingers are itching with inspiration! If you’ve read the first book of the series, I’d love to hear your thoughts on Goodreads or Amazon. It’s very motivating to hear your feedback, even if the feedback contains criticism. I aspire to become a capable author, so constructive criticism is always welcome. Pure praise is also much appreciated!

The romance that is the story of Keira and Leonardo has hit a new peak in this novel. Family introductions will be made, and tension is bound to ensue. Will Leonardo finally reveal his true identity to her? Or is it still too dangerous? Will she uncover his lies by herself? If so, what will be the result? Will she be fed up with his lies and leave him? Or will their journey bring them closer together? It can go either way. Fortunately for me, I know the result, and I’m currently typing it.

I thought you might appreciate another snippet, so here I go!


Grocery shopping with Henry was something I still hadn’t grown accustomed to. While it had happened three times before, we usually ordered take-out or ate at restaurants whenever we spent evenings together. But grocery shopping with him was something I secretly adored. We felt like a real and established couple during those trivial times.

He towered beside me while we studied the various options for duck fillets. A packet was between his hands, and he was reading the label of it. Henry was an amusing character at the shop. He was the type to mind labels. As a result, he was a slow shopper. Grabbing the first option he saw while roaming past the shelves wasn’t a habit he had. It wasn’t a habit of mine either, but Henry’s dedication to reading labels surpassed my own. I blamed it on his sensitive palate. Though he always ate what he was offered, he took it very seriously when he was in charge of supply.

To add to the comical scene, my man looked to belong on a red carpet. Per usual, he was wearing a suit. Grey, this time, but he had neglected a tie this morning. His Ralph Lauren coat shrouded it, while a beige scarf of cashmere kept his neck warm. A few women would blatantly ogle him beside me in the shop, before noting my ordinary presence beside him. Some seemed envious. Others looked happy on my behalf. Henry seemed entirely unaware of the attention he received, which charmed me. He could be very oblivious, too.

“Do you notice when women stare at you?” I asked bluntly while snatching the packet out of his hands. He frowned down at me and snatched it back.

“I wasn’t finished judging this,” he grumbled and returned his attention to the label. “I’m comparing it with the price.”

“You’re not answering my question,” I giggled and rolled my eyes at him.

“That’s because I’m able to stay focused on the task at hand, unlike you,” he mocked me bitterly. I pursed my lips so not to laugh at him. My question appeared to have bothered him.

“Or you’re just rubbish at multitasking. Sorry I asked,” I retorted with a tone that conveyed how ridiculous I found him to be acting.

“Sometimes I notice,” he answered reluctantly and stole a glance at me. “But I don’t pay it attention. I don’t care for things like that. I never have. And I especially don’t bother with it now that I have you. Having you will prevent me from wandering eyes for the rest of my life.”

I grinned at his compliment.

“Do you notice when men stare at you?” he fired back and stared at my profile. A crease formed in my forehead. Men stared at me?

“Excuse me?” I asked confounded.

“So oblivious,” he chuckled to himself and then shook his head in despair of me. “Of course you don’t. You wouldn’t notice even if a man blatantly stared at your beautiful bottom.”

“That’s not true.”

“I was exaggerating so to get my point across,” he mumbled with a shrug of his broad shoulders. At last, he dropped the packet into the basket I was holding, seemingly decided. “But I can assure you, Keira, that you turn plenty of heads.”

I blushed profusely. He had noticed such a thing? Well, I supposed it was natural. After all, I did notice women turning after him on the street, too.

“You’re so beautiful. And you don’t even know it,” he sighed and then placed his large hand to the top of my head to ruffle my hair.

“How was lunch with your family?” I asked to change topics.

“Uncomfortable, are you?” he laughed.


“Silly Keira,” he chuckled and poked my nose. “It was lovely. They asked a lot of questions about your family, though.”

“Doesn’t surprise me.” I smirked.

“No. I was prepared for it. Of course, I only said good things. I mean there isn’t anything bad to say about your family. Anyway, was this the last of it? We’ve decided on the herbs, the side…” he pondered aloud.

“We’re done,” I confirmed and turned to head for the cashier.

We had just finished scanning all the groceries when Henry withdrew his wallet from within his black coat. I gasped. There wasn’t a chance that I would let him pay for this. I had been busy packing, but I rushed over and pushed him away with my hip. Afterward, I presented my own card to the cashier. “I’m paying. Not him,” I declared firmly upon her puzzled facial expression. Perhaps this disappointed the young girl. She did look excited to be serving such a handsome customer. Oh well.

“Right,” she smiled amused. Henry groaned beside me and rolled his eyes.

“You may pack the rest,” I told him strictly. His crooked and irresistibly sexy smile leapt across his mouth before he passed me to adhere to my command.

After completing the transaction and politely rejecting the receipt, I approached Henry’s figure by the end. “Thank you,” I said and grabbed hold of a bag.

“I gathered you were a force to be reckoned with,” he replied amused.

“I would have caused a scene, had you forced your hand,” I confirmed with a nod of my head.

“Exactly,” he chuckled and lowered his lips to peck my temple. “Stubborn, you can be.”

“Indeed.” It was a warning.

His royal blue eyes twinkled with amusement before he grabbed the remaining bag to head out.


Stay tuned 😉


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